Production-Ready Prisma

Transform your Prisma projects into production-ready powerhouses with this in-depth course. Master advanced features, optimization strategies, and best practices to deliver rock-solid production applications.


Getting Started with Prisma

This course teaches you how to use Prisma in a Next.js project from the ground up. We cover a wide range of topics that are required for using Prisma, including how to install Prisma in an existing Next.js project, how to work with data models, how to run queries, and much more.


Up and Running with Prisma and PlanetScale

PlanetScale is one of the fastest-growing and most compelling database platforms on the market. It's especially well-suited to serverless applications as it relieves developers of worries about connection limits, allowing for almost unlimited connections. PlanetScale also provides schema change management through branching and deploy requests and allows for easy reversions when things go wrong. Prisma works especially well with PlanetScale but it does come with a couple gotchas. In this course, we look at all of the necessary steps to get Prisma working with a PlanetScale database. We look at how to get PlanetScale set up in the first place, how to connect to it from our development environments, and we see all the necessary configuration to get Prisma to talk to PlanetScale.

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